Customized Services
Internal Warehouse distribution
Overseas sorting
Three-day to European countries
Five-day to Pan-European

Customer portrait

  • Rapid development
    Quick response
    Globalized or regional based
    Categories diversification
  • Customized solutions and quotation
    Joint sales and BD activities


Tailor-made solutions in line with marketplaces development
Extensive fulfillment facilities and infrastructure network
Customized fulfillment center solutions
Resource Guarantee (Project Team + IT solutions)
System Stability (WMS, OMS)
Service guarantee on big sales/ promotion activities
Business development: Joint sales + Salon

Advantages and services

  • Experienced

    Marketplaces recognition & Support

    Flexible and optional customs clearance methods

    Achieve efficient cost reduction

  • Tailor-made and flexible solutions
    Guaranteed service (flexibility + efficiency)
    Sufficient financial strength
    Internal Warehouse distribution
    Fast delivery

technical support

Own technical team with over 400 people for development and docking
Positive project management to support business development
Data integrity + timeliness + data security (firewall measures, data independence, overseas cloud disk, GDPR, ISO)